Why do not we follow everything we know we have to do

Why do not we follow everything we know we have to do

Especially in the diet, we see this constantly. We all know how many fruits and vegetables we need to eat daily, how important it is to practice on a regular basis but how many of us do it? What really blame for this? The lack of time and organization?


Let’s take things in turn
Lack of organization and time is of course a major problem. Good nutrition definitely wants organization, we have stressed it many times, but it also wants something else – more importantly – important.
Motivation! What good nutrition and exercise can do is to feel better with our body, to be able to deliver more to our work and the needs of everyday life and naturally through all of these, our health improvement is at least … given! If all of this is not important to us, we do not prioritize it or we do not care about it at this stage, it is probably more difficult to organize our diet as well.
Stress: great capital that we are not fit to analyze! As you already know, eating very often plays many different roles than the role we have by definition, our nourishment. This is also an anxiolytic, a means of managing positive or negative feelings, which naturally complicates things much more. You will tell me: is it a problem if I eat a little more when I’m sad? It depends how often it’s done, how connected you are to this behavior and how much more we talk about. It’s a big difference to eat a dessert when I’m upset about eating a sweet baking pan.
What do we recommend for all of this?
1. First, observe yourself and your attitudes around eating.

2. Put goals on what you want to change.

3. Do not think – go into action.

For example, if every afternoon you run a job you get a little sweet to feel that you can withstand, aim to eat something healthier in place such as fruit or dried fruits or nuts.

Start with small and at the same time easy goals and remember how great changes are made in small steps!

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