The key of a balanced diet

The key of a balanced diet

In the rapid rhythms of our lives, with our multiple daily concerns, our thinking is permanently occupied by all sorts of issues: positively or less, questions of the present or the future are our minds constantly. Is there a moment when this stops? Do we devote to ourselves the time it takes?


Diet is an integral part of our lives and a basic need of every person. Do we give it the necessary attention?


The good nutrition and health relationship is always documented and is a cause and effect relationship. Diet is inextricably linked to all aspects of our lives. Within daily stress and anxiety however, food is often a means of relief. A typical example of this is the increase in the availability of delicious snacks during the crisis. In other words, food is called to play the role of anxiety in our lives: a role that can not be done properly, as it differs greatly from its basic role. It offers a small, incomparable and superficial relief without, of course, solving the cause of anxiety. We are entering a circle, whose consequences sooner or later will hit us. A circle that we have created for ourselves, giving another dimension to nutrition and which will later be difficult to chase.


Nutrition ought to have the role that suits it: as our daily ally, it gives us the supplies we need to continue our day to meet our obligations to maintain our health. Raising it is the key to a balanced diet.

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