Terror on the way to the beaches

Terror on the way to the beaches

The weather is open, the birds are singing, the clothes are blushing and where you start to rejoice when it finally comes to the summer … suddenly a tightening. “And now .. how do I go to the beach? Still I have not been able to lose those extra pounds I’ve been trying to lose for a year! No no .. this situation is no longer the case! From tomorrow’s diet! ”

You probably know about it or you’ve lived it over and over in the last few summers. The diet starts, the first 2-3 days go really well (you are very proud to have only eaten only fruits and salads), you have already bought this last super, natural, all-in-all-and-benefit slimming pill advertises this well-known lady of television and where everything is going well … the temptation comes to uninvited to shake you. “What a nice day today … take a walk in the center to get an ice cream?” And suddenly, all the deprivation of the days, all the effort, goes for a walk as you already see with your imagination the ice cream melting on his conch. And of course, after you’ve already eaten the ice cream and “spoiled all day long”, let’s eat a crepe that I miss so much.

And the following remakes again their appearance. Lemon again in the morning, juice with cucumber and vinegar (or any other new fashion has made its appearance) until the next exit and the next temptation ..

My reader, the beach and the summer are there to give us joy and moments of relaxation. The logic of the beach like another catwalk not only makes us lose beautiful moments but also underestimates the value of truly true food. The one that was not “created” to make us come out nice on the beach, but that exists to give us health. Whether the extra pounds are few or many or whether or not to lose is another matter; the motivation is what we are concerned with here. So if the decision to lose weight comes from just a wrong body image or if it tries to match mistakes of times within 1-2 months, then you are probably in the wrong way. Summer is here to relax and get through well, not to add another stress to our already squeezed schedule. So good summer!

YES: If the process of balanced nutrition and physical activity sounds banal, you can just wait until mid-summer where the remorse and the stress of the beach tend to disappear thanks to the eternal logic “You’re not bored .. now as I am. I will not let go! “

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