A “summerbody” please!

A “summerbody” please!

Every year, such a question arises systematically in lifestyle magazines, blogs and, of course, in our discussions between us: summer arrives (“I have not lost these extra pounds!”). Articles such as “lose 7 pounds in a week”, “how do you get ready for the beach in the summer” and “detoxify until summer and lose weight quickly and instantly” may not have come to your senses. So, if you have come to a point of panic with this issue and you have already started the juices and mantles … we invite you to pause and read the following.


Whenever an ad or article in a magazine shows you a new way to get the ultimate “summer body,” have you ever thought it’s almost perverse to revolve around how to get out on the beach in the summer? As if all the good eating habits of winter, all the time we spend on exercise, all deserve for one purpose: to wear a nice swimsuit and get out on the beach. And, unfortunately, the loser in this effort is us: another extreme diet, another intensive gym entry, another formula to lose weight, another hit on self-confidence and the relationship with our body. Why are all these techniques ultimately targeting the wrong thing: how do we go out on the beach rather than how we will love our body and take care of it in the best possible way.


So if you have the craziness of the beach, take a step back and think the most important thing is to find a balance with our diet and understand that the food is there to nourish, give us health and thank you … and certainly not as a means of self-righteousness that we have not yet managed to look like in the ad models!


Make this year different … devote time to your diet and exercise, not to prepare for the beach but to feel good with your body and yourself. And do not because it’s summer but because this body will have it forever, whether it’s summer or not.

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