5 all-time-classic nutritional disorders

5 all-time-classic nutritional disorders

As dietitians, we have generally heard many (so-called) nutritional disorders, meaning mistakes and misunderstandings about what is and how good nutrition and healthy lifestyle are being applied. So, we even thought about making a top 5!


Behold, therefore,


5) Slimming and liposuction belts


They have made a very big hit in previous decades but they continue to make their appearance even today (and raise the head of dieticians!).


The logical theory: Do you want to lose instant points? The band (or cellophane) wrapped around the waist or buttocks helps these spots to sweat much more and thus lose more fat.


The bitter truth: Let’s start by saying that fat does not diffuse from the pores of our skin along with sweat. Simply, belts and cellophane are the number one way to dehydrate. And this will in turn help you see the number on the scale a few grams less immediately after. Guess what though: the number will return to the same as you drink a glass of water!


4) Detox diets or detoxification diets


A classic and beloved dietary method to rid ourselves of the eating sins (or perhaps our remorse?) Of Christmas / Easter / of the summer holidays / of the wild weekend that passed us!


The philosophical theory: overeating of meat, sweets (and generally foods considered as “unhealthy”) leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body, which we eliminate by eating for 2 days (or even 1 week) only fruits, juices, boiled vegetables and generally green things.


The bitter truth: Fortunately for us, the human body is fully equipped with inherent cleansing mechanisms, with the main one listening to the name “liver”. If we want to help ourselves return to its good eating habits, it is enough just to start eating again in a measure and variety and to leave the extreme (and unnecessary) solutions of detoxification.


3) Lemon / vinegar / pineapple juice for lipodilution


We said to put it all together because both the theory and the truth are the same for all …


The Logical Theory: These foods can be an important aid to anyone who wants to lose weight because of their high fat content (?!?)


The bitter truth: The fact that a food is sour does not mean that it burns fat. In general, let’s just say that the fat in our body does not burn magically with some food but is lost through the consumption of less energy, commonly food, in the day.


2) Carbohydrates, invisibly invisible creatures that make me and I get weight!


Carbohydrates keep the sigh of the most misunderstood nutrition in the history of nutrition.


The Logical Theory: (Empty.


The bitter truth: Carbohydrates are just one ingredient of food, nothing more, nothing less. They attribute the same calories to the (innocuous) proteins. Simply foods that contain them are eaten more easily and in larger quantities, and so we are comfortable in excess.


1) An intolerance test to find out which food prevents your metabolism


The most modern (and persistent) dietary fashion, with too many followers.


The logical theory: You do not lose weight. So something is wrong with what you eat. And no, you are not the one who does not do well, but it is a specific food that blocks you and blocks your metabolism. You probably even suspected it and you yourself …


The bitter truth: You do not lose weight. So something is wrong with what you eat. And also by not exercising. And what blame you is that you do not take care of these two to balance them. I wish there were one or two foods that were coming – but, believe us, we would not bet on it …


Sometimes I wonder … how much longer do we have to listen to?

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