Is it necessary to go to a gym?

The focus on strength, balance & flexibility.

So it is September and despite the general chaos for the beginning of the winter, a new month means a new beginning and new goals!
And since we are talking about goals, maybe it’s time to put some new goals on our health. No, this was not some kind of implied to start a diet … but it was implied to get started … gymnastics!
You will tell me now, “you are a dietician, what is your job to recommend gymnastics?”. Well, I have. Not only because exercise is ancillary to weight loss, but why the dietician should be interested in the overall health of the person who has it and not just what his scales are showing.

Super recipes thanks to super.

You have certainly heard about so-called superfoods or superfoods: the term refers to foods that are a concentrated source of nutrients and often marketed as the magic stick that will make our diet healthy.
Although this is not the case, since good nutrition requires many more than one or two “magic” foods, overeating is certainly a good addition to our diet, much less if it is a component of delicious snacks! So there are 5 favorite recipes with superfoods!
Stretch Out the Stress.

Transform your body.